Founded in 2017, Sub Rosa Studio is a boutique creative agency working across publishing, design and digital media. With studios in Perth and Sydney, we collaborate with a roster of talented creators to deliver content to a range of distributors including Amazon Prime, Sony Australia, Comixology and various streaming outlets.

Digital Media Design

We create images, effects, and animation for film, video, computers, and other multi-media outlets. Our clients range from international banking firms, recording labels and advertising agencies through to government departments and film studios.

Sub Rosa Publishing

Sharing research and education with the world to encourage thought, inspire action and create and connect with engaged communities. We publish over 50 titles per year across a range of genres, focusing on new work and reissued rarities. Our distribution service spans 20 countries including all digital platforms and physical print distribution.

Stack of Books

Sub Rosa Music
Production & Distribution

We develop and produce a roster of artists in our dedicated recording studio and manage all areas of promotion and distribution to a global audience. 

Video Production

From big-budget productions to home movies, all videos need good editing to get the best from any footage. We work on all kinds of videos, from small business videos, self-produced content through to big-budget advertising features. We can supply a team to shoot on location or work with your existing footage.